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Support for Anjela's Box

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Hello everyone! We would like to ask your support as we launch this mission project called “Anjela’s Box.” We are doing this to honor God through the life of our firstborn, Anjela Faith. We prayed and waited for her for 13 years. My baby girl and I were both healthy, but for no definitive reason we lost her last November 13, 2020 during my 2nd trimester pregnancy. One in four pregnancy results in miscarriage and unfortunately we are 1 in 4. We held our baby girl for a little over 2 hours at the hospital. Her heart stopped beating in the arms of my husband. Even though we begged the hospital staff to take her to the NICU because her heart was still beating at the time, the doctors said she was not viable for life. For parents, this was the darkest, saddest, and most painful moment of our lives. We were at the top of the mountain when we learned we were going to be parents; but in a matter of hours, we were dragged into the deepest valley.

Our little girl was wrapped on a tiny crochet blanket and hat. During this precious time, we talked to her, we sang her favorite song, and prayed for her. With tears overflowing, we were in awe of how beautiful and perfect she looked. It was a lifetime moment that we tried to squeeze into a very short time. I miss carrying her in my womb and in my arms. We came home with a box instead of a baby. We were devastated. Holding her tiny crochet blanket and hat in my arms everyday gives this unexplainable comfort. In the middle of our brokenness and pain, we choose to reach out to other bereaved parents by turning our pain into purpose.

There are variety of ways how you can support us:

1. Crafts for angel babies- sew, knit or crochet tiny blankets for angel babies

2. Accessories for angel parents- bracelet, necklace, or keychain that reminds them that they are still parents

3. Donate electronically (Venmo, Zelle, Paypal or Cash App) or mail a check (pls contact us for the address). All proceeds go back straight to the mission project. You can also support us by fulfilling Anjela's Box Amazon wishlist:

4. Shop- we have personalized items that you can give to someone who lost a baby or a loved one. All proceeds go back straight to the mission project. Some items from the shop are now available. Most of the items will be available starting August 2021.

5. Connect with us on social media (Facebook: Anjela's Box Instagram: Anjela's Box @Anjelabox) and spread the word.

Our goal is to have 300 to 500 Anjela’s boxes ready by the end of October 2021. For Anjela's first heavenly birthday on November 13, 2021, we will drop off these boxes to the hospitals in the DMV area. We will also have boxes available for Angel parents and for those who want to gift this box to someone else. Here’s the website for more information. For questions and suggestions please email us at Thank you and God bless your heart ❤️

P.S. Can you do us a favor? Please hug and kiss your children tonight. If they are grown-ups, please let them know how much you love them even via text or call. All children are precious gifts from heaven; unfortunately, not everyone is granted the opportunity.

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