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For months we have prayed for God to reveal His purpose out of the pain of losing our baby Anjela Faith. Deep in our hearts we know and believe that out of this unbearable pain is an immeasurable peace that will bring people to the love of God. He gave us the vision and mission of Anjelas's Box. In the middle of healing our broken hearts we started working on this mission project. He showed us that we are not alone and that He will bring people to help us accomplish this new purpose. True enough God connected us to loving and talented people to start this.



Anjilou & Angel Flores

Fundraising Coordinators 

Rianna Galvez Stavrides

Maricel Rosales

Creative Designers

Rue Bongon 

Grace Camarote

Glenda Espinas

Justin Espinas

Brooklyn Gee

Sandy Lange

Chelsea So 

Dawn Leigh Tsambasis

Website Managers

Joyce & Simpson Chen


Anjelas's Box is open to everyone who are willing to put their hearts in creating or donating special items that we can give to the parents who experienced pregnancy or infant loss.


Thank you so much to those who donated crafts mementos and supported us financially. God bless you and your family.


If you want to be a part of this mission project,

get involved! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Jeremy Lewis 

Bhelle Mangonon

Galutera Family

Kathryn Van Ness

Chang Liu

Chen Family

Ferrer Family

Oribello Family

Ventura Family 

Carlos Family

Gabriel Family

Stetson Family

Jali Pasion 

Mariya Khandros

Cel Mallari

Corazon Riosa

Eric Fajilan

Lindsey Stinson

Brittanie Woodward

Paul & Maria Lewis 

Gonzales Family

Placida Braswell

Rogie Legazpi

Joy Soriano-Moy

Sade Castro 

Maricel Rosales 

Arddhy Rodriguez

Myrene Ruiz

Charito Mapatac

Mae Maprangala

Glad Cusimano

Perla Alidani

Villamor Family 

Karambiri Family

Jean Chang

Jackie Hernandez

Tampil Family

James & Judith Saunders

Dottie Osmena

Samson Family

Adelaine Tayag

Irwin Roque

Reyes Family

Erica Jane Estrella

John & Odessa Zabala

Gemma Rivera

Jeanne Dillon 

Kevin & Malou White

Aissa Encomienda

Ben Cabasal

Rianna Stavrides


Virgie Cheung

Emma Goldstein

Wilma Kellam

Randy Siy

Emida Palo

Lilibeth Datu

Dee Barretto

Tess Umatan

Amy Codia 

Ashley Cruz

Shiuvy Piagoda

Edger Osmena

Marr Family 

Mic Donovan

Odette Sison-Wilkins

Cherry Managuio 

Rizha Ubal

Jac Hope

Mandi Marie

Al & Raelee Mangacapria

Bethany Christian Center (Youth Group)

Karla Marie Villoria

Jonathan Guevarra

John & Sharon Stone 

Josh Brothers 

Butch & Cecilia De Guzman

Amper Family

Charlene Day

L3 Church of Maryland 

River of God Church

Francesca Sherwin Alconis

Grace Camarote

Sandy Lange

Sally Cresidio

Ethel David 

Joy Soriano-Moy

Terri Carr 

Krizzia Marou 

Carol Montes 

Etcheberry Anos

Sarah Philpott

Grave Lovelace

Guishards Family

Cathy Chun 

Teresa & Rey Fernandez

LJ Lumungsod 

IG @miscarriagejourney

Lorela Saavedra

Hendrika Beaman 

Karla Yager

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