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The purpose of Anjela’s Box is to raise awareness and break the silence around miscarriage, stillbirth and pregnancy loss. For so many years our society considers it a taboo subject. There is such shame and negative stigma attached to it. As a result, many parents who lost their child stay silent as they feel so alone and isolated. Many people have no idea of the magnitude of pain that parents and families go through unless they experience it themselves. Anjela’s Box is a small voice that will speak volume about this issue. It is a simple tool that can start conversations, touch broken hearts, bless parents, families and communities. Anjela’s Box will be a reminder that every baby matters regardless of their gestational age. This can be a simple way to show those who lost their precious child that there are people around them that love and cares for their family. 







Help us raise awareness about pregnancy loss by posting about the items that you received, purchased, or gifted to someone who experienced miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Use the hashtags #Anjelasbox #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagesupport #pregnancyloss  #pregnancylossawareness #stillbirth #stillbirthawareness #stillbirthawarenesssupport #babyloss  #Angelbaby #angelbabies #babylossawareness #babylosscommunity #babylosssupport.

You can also tag and mention us @Anjelabox on Instagram.

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