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Anjela's Boxes Donated

November 13th was Anjela Faith’s 1st heavenly birthday and we were able to donate Anjela’s boxes to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital and Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland (Germantown and Silver Spring) . We have so much love to give to our baby girl, we let that love overflow and share it with others who are going through devastating experience of pregnancy or baby loss. We let our baby live in the hearts of many. It took us a lot of courage to go back to the same hospital where we had our last moments with our precious Anjela. Our knees were shaking, our hearts were crying out loud and we tried our best not to let have an emotional outburst while talking to the hospital staff. Tears were shed as we explain what's inside the box and what can they do as health providers to support the bereaved parents under their care.

What’s inside the box?

Special items for Angel baby: handmade baby blanket & hat, a small bear & certificate of life

Angel parents: a book or reflection journal, list of resources/support available, mommy/daddy of an angel keychain or a piece of my heart is in heaven key chain and a pen.

Each item in this box was made with so much love and prayers for those who will receive them. These boxes will be treasured forever by those parents who experience pregnancy or baby loss. These boxes will be filled with memories of their precious baby.

On the same day, we opened the request form for Anjela's Box on this website. It’s heartbreaking to know that many angel parents came home empty-handed without anything tangible to remind them of their precious angel. We are giving Anjela's Box FREE boxes to parents in the US. We are accepting the first 100 requests. We will try our best to send these boxes the soonest possible time. If you are an angel parent (or you know someone who needs one) you may request a box at

Thank you for your prayers, love and support for our family especially for honoring our baby girl as you get involved in this mission project. God bless you and your family more. ❤️💕👼🧸🐾🌷#anjelasbox #anjelafaith #1stheavenlybirthday #babylosscommunity #pregnancylosssupport #angelbabies #angelparents #love #bereavedparents #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #babylossawareness #support #miscarriagesupport #stillbirthsupport #youarenotalone

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