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How to Spread Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

October is pregnancy and loss awareness month. Let’s break the silence and stigma around this matter. No one deserves to go through this unimaginable heartbreak. We acknowledge the lives of our precious babies and we can share our love for them by honoring them.

Here are some suggestions on how we can spread pregnancy and infant loss awareness:

When you are ready, share your story. This will be really hard to do because every time you write or type each word, tears will surely flow. It will take a lot of time and a lot of tears, so be patient with yourself and just let the words flow from your heart. Once you have written your story, you can start sharing it publicly with a group, class, or organization. You can also do it privately with one person, close friends and family members in your circle of trust. Another way is to share it virtually by using online platforms like social media, blogs or websites. You will be surprised how many people will reach out to you and share their stories as well. There is healing that is taking place as you share your story. It is a special way to acknowledge that your baby existed and lived even for a brief period of time. You must remember that your story matters. What you write has the power to save a life, including your own.

Create an artwork to honor babies gone too soon. If you know how to draw by hand or by using digital tools, you can create a postcard, poster, shirt, etc. to include the names of angel babies. It can be anything art-related to honor the angel babies. You may also post these images online via social media, groups or pages.

Here are some artwork samples:

Journaling, writing a poem or letter to your baby. Express yourself in writing. Let the words flow from your heart. Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. It is a form of therapy to be able to release all the negative feelings that you have. Unlock your love for your baby through words. After writing the letter, read it to him/her aloud. You may be surprised at the power of this simple write and read. You may begin to feel some burdens unloading in the process.

Wear a shirt/accessories or show a display of blue and pink lights. The way we present ourselves by clothing speaks more about who we are, our personality and what we care about. It is not just a fashion statement... you are what you wear. Wear a shirt or accessories that identifies you as an angel mom, angel dad, etc. Something that tells everyone that you carry a baby in your heart. Wear accessories with the name of your angel baby or something that represents your child (birthstone, symbols, etc.).

You can also wear a shirt to support an organization that supports the pregnancy and infant loss community or show a display of pink and blue lights at your home, garage, backyard for the month of October. Check out the photos below: Special thanks to @dyanshares (wearing Anjela's Box shirt) and Danielle Sedens (pink and blue lights display) for sharing their photos.

Reach out to someone who experienced loss recently. Check on someone who experienced the loss of a loved one recently. It may not be the same loss as yours but loss is loss. After the loss, one can feel alone and isolated. Try to reach out via text, private message or phone call. Let them know that you are there for them.

Support pregnancy and infant loss groups and organizations in the honor of your baby. We can let the lives of our angel babies live by supporting the cause. Break the silence by posting these templates and additional information on pregnancy and infant loss on your personal page. Make your voice be heard and let the world recognize your angel baby.

These images are also posted and can be downloaded via Anjela's Box facebook page and Instagram @Anjelabox

Organizations like ours cannot do it alone and we need your support. Spreading the awareness and reaching out to the baby loss community requires a lot of hard work and resources. We will appreciate any kind of help that you can give.

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We’d love to hear from you. If you have done anything different or if you have any suggestions, feel free to share it in the comment section.

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