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My little baby, my precious child.

I will do anything and give up everything for you to


One more month-

So we can utter more prayers

You will be more viable for life,

You will have a greater chance to survive.


One more week-

So we can take daily photos together,

We can sing more songs, we can read books.

We can share this great news to the world.


One more day-

So we walk on the beach,

Whisper our love on the wind,

Watch the sunrise and sunset together.


One more hour-

So I can hold you closer in my arms,

Stare at your beautiful face

Embrace your tiny body.


One more minute-

So I can hold you tight,

Feel your heartbeat next to mine,

Say I love you as many times as I can.


One more second-

So I can be at peace,

So I can kiss your beautiful face

Before we say goodbye.

I can only wish and dream,

To have one more moment with you.

Even though our time was cut short

My heart will be your home forever,


*A very special poem for our daughter Anjela Faith who will stay in our heart forever.

Mommy Angel and daddy Anjilou love you so much. We miss you everyday.

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